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What’s covered by life insurance?

Life insurance gives you peace of mind that your family will be able to cope financially after you pass away. It means your loved ones receive help when they can no longer rely on your income or salary.

Pay-outs from life insurance are often used to continue with mortgage payments, clear debts or simply cover everyday expenses. Some people will even use the money to pay for the funeral in instances where no funds has been set aside.

What level of cover do I need?

The amount covered by life insurance is referred to as the “sum insured”, and it can differ for each family depending on the circumstances.

For instance, if you’re married with four children and have a large mortgage, you’ll undoubtedly need more cover than a single parent who has one child and a two-bedroom flat.

It’s generally accepted that ten times your salary or income is a sufficient amount to be insured, but everyone’s circumstances are different, which is why it pays to make some more detailed calculations to ensure everything is covered.

Life Insurance FAQs

Is life insurance worth it for me?

If you have a partner or family who would probably struggle to cope financially if you die, life insurance is certainly recommended, because it will provide the help they need during a very emotional time.

If you’re single and have no dependents, you may not need life insurance, because no one else is relying on your income for life’s essentials.

What will life insurance cost me?

The premium you pay for life insurance will depend on the amount you’re insuring, the risk of making a claim (for example, if you have a dangerous job) and the type of policy.

Age plays a big role, too, and life insurance is often more expensive if you’re older. If you’re in poor health, you may also find that you’re asked to pay a higher premium due to the higher risk.

When you speak to insurers about life insurance, expect them to take into account your lifestyle, occupation, hobbies and level of fitness when they work out a premium for you. They may even check your postcode, because you’re deemed more likely to make a claim if you live in certain areas within the UK.

With cover starting from 20p per day, keep your finances stable and protect your family and loved ones. 

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