What is the best movement sensor alarm system?

Sensors are the most important part of your whole alarm system. Without the sensors there would be no way to pick up on any unwanted activity and therefore no way of raising the alarm in the event of an intruder.

The most common type of sensor used in any alarm system is a motion sensor. This will pick up on any motion when the alarm is set. They work on radar technology and by transmitting and receiving radio waves, these boomerang when hitting a moving object. Once the sensors sense that there is unwanted activity it sends an alert to the control panel which will then activate your alarm

Many systems will also come with a motion sensor camera. Once motion is detected the camera will not only switch on, allowing you to see in real time what is happening. So that you can quickly take the appropriate course of action, but they can also keep a video record. This coupled with the siren can quickly deter an intruder. 

Motion sensors can be placed around your home, but are most vital at the entry points. So that, as soon as an intruder enters your home, the alarm is quickly activated. 

With the constantly evolving technology there are now so many options. Although this may seem overwhelming we have never had more options for protecting our home than we do now. 

What are the different types of motion sensors commonly used?

Passive Infrared (PIR)

The most commonly used type of motion sensor is a passive Infrared sensor.

They work with infrared technology and observe movements by passive heat detection and changes in temperature. Once the sensor warms up it will detect heat and movement in the surrounding areas. 

Microwave (MW)

A microwave sensor sends out microwave pulses and measures the reflections from moving objects. These cover a larger area then infrared sensors.

However, they are vulnerable to electrical interference. 

Dual Technology Motion Sensors

Some sensors will combine multiple types of technological detection methods to help reduce false alarms. As both sensors will need to be activated in order for the alarm to be raised. 

I have pets. Will they not set the motion sensors off?

Pet friendly motion sensors that work with Infrared technology are available. These will ignore any pets under a certain weight. For households with pets it is commonly advised to have dual sensor motion sensors to limit the risk of false alarms caused by your animals. 

NOTE: Most motion sensors are now wireless. Meaning that they are easy to install. They do not require any drilling and communicate with the control panel wirelessly and instead use your Wi-Fi for connection. 

Which is the best type of motion sensor alarm system?

There are many different types of alarm systems on the market today and all will come with different advantages. When deciding which one to choose. It is important to ask yourself what it is that you want your alarm to do, in the event of an intruder. 

  • Do you want a camera to be activated and start recording?
  • Would you want a siren to sound as soon as the alarm is raised?
  • Should you want to be alerted when the alarm is activated?
  • Do you want the police to automatically be contacted?
  • Do you want to install the alarm yourself or do you want it to be professionally installed?

Motion Detection Range

Different models will come with a different range of detection, typically ranging between 15ft to 2001ft.

Ensure that you choose the correct range for the areas where you intend to place your sensors.

For those with pets. The SimpliSafe motion sensors will not detect pets under the weight of 50lb. Reducing the risk of false alarms

Installation Type

Many models can be installed by yourself. However, typically monitored alarms will need to be installed by a professional.

ADT offer free quotes and are a popular choice amongst those wanting their alarm to be professionally installed.


Many motion sensors come with built in lighting. This can be used as a deterrent especially if placed outside.

If placed inside it can help to drive the intruder away as unwanted attention is being brought to them.

The Ring light Flood camera comes highly recommended for outdoor use. It has a 30ft detection range and can deter an intruder before they enter into your home. 


A built in siren or ringtone can let the intruder know that they have been caught.

Again this can help to drive them away as it is bringing them unwanted attention.

The CPVAN comes highly recommended just for the sound and volume of the alarm alone. 

Video Recording

Many sensors will start recording once motion is detected and others will use image capture to take a photo.

The Wyze Cam V2 not only detects and highlights motion in video, but it also produces clear images in both day and night vision. 

It is important that before purchasing your alarm system that you decide what exactly you expect from it and that you also do your research into which is the best model for you and your home. With the constantly evolving technology there are now so many options. Although this may seem overwhelming we have never had more options for protecting our home than we do now. 

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