What Type Of Accident At Work Can I Claim For

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No one goes into work expecting to have an accident. There are laws in place which legally bind employers to ensure that they maintain a safe working environment for all of their employees.

This law protects employees in any profession, from Construction workers to NHS staff. Office workers to Lorry drivers. It also doesn’t matter if you are agency staff, a temporary worker or on a permanent contract. Every person has the right to be safe and protected whilst they carry out their job.

Although compensation will not take away your injuries and magically restore you to full health it can go a long way to easing the financial burden that you may find yourself in.

Your employers responsibilities

An employer must – 

  • Ensure that all members of staff receive a proper induction at the beginning of their employment. 
  • Provide adequate training. 
  • Maintain equipment and regularly have all of their machines serviced. 
  • Ensure that there are the correct staffing levels. 
  • Ensure that there are First Aid trained members of staff.
  • Act in a timely manner on any potential faults on equipment that are brought to their attention. 
  • They must have Employers Liability Insurance. 

If you suffer from an accident at work and you believe that it is the result of negligence on behalf of your employer, legally you are able to make a claim for compensation. Some accidents will not have long lasting effects and you may be back at work within a few days, however some more serious accidents can have long lasting consequences which could leave you out of work for months or even longer, with serious medical needs. 

What injuries can you claim for? 

Accidents inside the workplace can vary greatly and their impact is different for each individual victim. The most common accidents that claims are raised for are – 

  • Head injuries – One of the most serious types of injuries you can sustain. Even a concussion can leave lasting effects which not only affect the victim but also their family and close friends. 
  • Back injuries – These injuries are all too common and in most cases could be avoided with the proper training and procedures put into place. 
  • Burns, scars and lacerations – In workplaces where chemicals, extreme heat and machinery are present these injuries are more common and not only can leave physical damage but also psychological damage too. 
  • Falls from a height – Certain types of workers are more at risk from falling from height, for example those using cranes, ladders or scaffolding. A fall from height can leave long lasting consequences and in severe cases can be fatal. 
  • Slips and trips – This is the most common type of workplace accident although they could easily be prevented with the correct safety procedures. 
  • Manual handling – This relates to transporting loads – Lifting, putting items down, pulling, pushing and carrying. 
  • Defective work equipment – When you attend work you expect the equipment you will be using will be safe and maintained to a high standard. Not only does faulty equipment mean you cannot undertake your tasks correctly but it could lead to a serious injury.

When your claim is being considered two points will be taken into consideration

  • General Damages – This will take into account your injuries and also your pain and suffering. Pain and suffering can be both physical and psychological. 
  • Special Damages – This is to help you recoup your expenses, your loss of earning and any future care needs, therapy and rehabilitation you need. 

When you are recovering from an accident at work that could have been prevented the last thing that anyone needs to be worrying about is the mounting expenses.

Although compensation will not take away your injuries and magically restore you to full health it can go a long way to easing the financial burden that you may find yourself in.

If you think you may have a case for claiming compensation then speaking to your Solicitor as soon as you are able to is the best way forward. They will be able to take over communication with your employer to enable you to focus on your health and recovery. 

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